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Barn Door Designs: Transform Your Space in Style

Hey there, DIY enthusiasts and interior design lovers! Let’s talk barn doors if you want to spice up your space. They’re not just for farms and ranches anymore. Nope, barn doors are making waves in urban homes, offering functionality and aesthetic appeal. Why don’t we dive right into the various barn door designs you can choose from?

Classic Barn Door Designs: The Original Charmer

The classic barn door is where it all began. These beauties are generally made of hefty wood, rustic in appearance, and often feature large iron hardware. But you know what’s the real kicker? You can paint them any colour you like. Whether you want to stick with traditional barn red or venture into pastel hues, the world is your oyster.

Material Matters

Classic barn doors usually boast sturdy materials like oak or pine, which look great and last a lifetime. You could even choose a reclaimed wood option if you’re into the whole sustainability scene.

classic barn door
Classic barn door: Source: Pinterest
DIy double barn door
DIy double barn door: Source: Pinterest

Modern Barn Door Designs: Sleek and Sophisticated

Who said barn doors couldn’t be modern? These days, you can find designs with glass panels, metallic accents, or minimalistic wooden styles. The clean lines make them a perfect fit for any contemporary home.

modren barn doors
modern barn doors: Source: Pinterest

Mixing and Matching

You can mix materials like wood and metal or glass and aluminium. You can even add a mirror on one side to make the space look bigger.

Herringbone Barn door
Herringbone Barn door: Source: Pinterest

Sliding Barn Doors: Space Savers Galore

Have you ever felt like your doors take up too much room? Enter sliding barn doors. These designs are like your average barn door but on a track. Slide it open; slide it shut. It’s as easy as pie and saves you loads of space.

Sliding Barn Door Ideas
Sliding Barn Door Ideas: Source: Pinterest

Installation Insight

Don’t sweat it; installing a sliding barn door isn’t rocket science. You’ll need a track, some rollers, and a bit of elbow grease. You can DIY it or bring in a pro if you’re not that handy.

sliding doors
sliding doors: Source: Pinterest

Pocket Barn Doors: Hide ‘n Seek Champions

Have you ever heard of pocket doors? These are like the n seek champions of the barn door world. They slide right into the wall, totally out of sight! Perfect for small spaces or when you want that door to be “out of sight, out of mind.”

Pallet wood barn door
Pallet wood barn door: Source: Pinterest

Space Required

Now, pocket barn doors require a wall thick enough to accommodate them. So, measure twice and cut once, as the old saying goes.

Barn Door Materials: Beyond Just Wood

Okay, we’ve often chatted about wood, but other materials are in the game, too. Think metals, glass, and even composite materials. Each brings its vibe to the table, so choose wisely based on your existing decor.

Rustic barn door design
Rustic barn door design: Source: Pinterest

Metal Marvels

Stainless steel or aluminium options are lightweight, sleek, and incredibly modern. They’re also easy to clean, which is always a win in my book.

Customizing Your Barn Door: Make It Your Own

Ready to get those creative juices flowing? Customizing your barn door can be a fun project. Add windows, use unique hardware, or even try a funky paint job.

panel door with window
panel door with window: Source: Pinterest

DIY or Buy?

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer buying off the shelf, there’s a barn door. Many companies offer customization options to get that personalized touch without lifting a finger.

What is Barn Door Design?

Hey there, design enthusiasts! Ever walk into a room, and your eyes immediately go to that one piece that transforms the space? Well, that’s what barn door designs are all about. A barn door is a door slab that moves sideways on a track instead of swinging on hinges. Depending on how they’re styled, they bring in that rustic, country vibe or even a modern, sleek look. The coolest part? They’re versatile, fitting in everywhere, from cozy cabins to expensive city apartments.

How to Build a Barn Door?

Roll up those sleeves and put on your DIY hat! Building a barn door isn’t as daunting as it sounds. First things first, you’ll need some basic supplies:

  • Wooden planks or plywood for the door
  • Door track and hardware kit (you can find these at your local hardware store)
  • Screws, a drill, and maybe a saw if you’re cutting your wood
  • Paint or stain for finishing touches


  1. Measure Your Space: Know the dimensions. You’ll want the door to be wider than the opening to cover it fully.
  2. Cut and Assemble: Cut your wooden planks to the length you need. Line them up, and secure them together using screws or wood glue.
  3. Track Installation: Fix the track above your door frame according to the hardware kit instructions. This is what your door will slide on.
  4. Hang the Door: Attach the wheels and other hardware to your assembled door and hang it on the track.
  5. Finishing Touches: Finally, paint or stain your door however you like!

What is a French Barn Door?

Ooh la la, let’s get a little fancy! A French barn door is a barn door with glass panels. Imagine a French window, but as a door—yeah, that’s what we’re talking about. It’s great for letting light in while giving you the option for privacy. Perfect for rooms that you want to keep bright but occasionally closed off.

What is the Size of a Barn Door?

Alright, let’s talk numbers. Barn doors typically need to be wider than the door opening they’re covering. A typical width is about 36 inches for a standard doorway, but they can go up to 48 or even 60 inches for larger openings. The height usually matches standard doors, around 80 inches or so.

What is the Standard Door Size?

Standard interior doors are usually 80 inches tall and 24 to 36 inches wide. Exterior doors also tend to be 80 inches tall but can range from 32 to 36 inches in width. Of course, these can vary based on the specific requirements of a building or room.

How Deep is a Barn Door?

Depth-wise, barn doors are generally around 1.5 to 2 inches thick. You’ll want to remember this, especially if you’re DIYing it. Too thin, and it may be flimsy; too thick and too heavy to slide easily.


So there you have it, folks! Barn door designs have come far from their humble beginnings on the farm. The possibilities are endless, from classic to modern, sliding to pocket, and wood to metal. Ready to make a statement? Pick a barn door design that reflects your style and transforms your space from meh to magnificent!

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